Clarity Partners is in the business of helping executives become more of who they’re meant to be and accomplish more of what they’re meant to do. Partnering with our clients, we facilitate the transformation from “a person with potential” into a true leader.

With over two decades of experience in coaching executives and conducting workshops for organizations, Clarity Partners is known for providing that much needed clear view of what’s really going on, what the true goals are, what’s in the way, and how to soar.

We help our clients drop the burden of murky expectations and see what’s possible. They gain a better picture of the path ahead, discover ways around obstacles, find and create new opportunities and provide greater leadership to their teams. On a personal and professional level, they feel unburdened, more energized and excited about the work they’re doing.


  • Gain a clear vision
  • Define tangible goals
  • Lead with confidence
  • Explore new perspectives
  • Uncover more possibilities
  • Feel more energized
  • Find greater meaning and purpose

About Eleanor Chin, CEO

Eleanor Chin is not only the founder of Clarity Partners; she’s a highly respected and sought-after coach who works with leaders and aspiring leaders. Her clients come from some of the world’s top companies and educational institutions, as well as startups and not-for-profits. These executives have trusted Eleanor to guide them in developing a clear vision of where they want to be, the impact they want to have, and strategies to get there.

Using evidence-based principles, she shows clients how to leverage their strengths, think more creatively, challenge assumptions, and create dynamic systems for leading more effectively. In the process, clients find greater meaning and resiliency, even joy.

You can find her bio HERE.

My job is to see you as bigger than you see yourself.

– Eleanor Chin

Expertise in the science of human potential

Eleanor was one of the first 100 people in the world to attain a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP)––the science of human potential and how people thrive. In addition, she studied resilience directly under renowned experts Dr. Martin Seligman and Dr. Karen Reivich at the University of Pennsylvania. She also trained at The Coaches Training Institute and in Organizational and Relationship Systems coaching.


She is also a highly experienced facilitator and a contributing author of two books on mentoring and women’s networks: The Glass Ceiling in the 21st Century published by the American Psychological Association and Resilience: How to Navigate Life’s Curves. She has authored several articles for POSITIVEPSYCHOLOGYNEWS.COM.


Whether you’re enrolled in a Leadership Program or on your own, Eleanor Chin and Clarity Partners are here to help.

  • Positive Psychology
  • Confidentiality
  • Business Savvy
  • Complete focus
  • Major Industry Experience
  • Creative Problem Solving